Mr. Baguette. Vietnamese Bakery.

• French Vietnamese Sandwiches • Flavor • Tasty • Fresh Baked Bread

Mr. Baguette was founded to make Fresh and Tasty French Vietnamese Sandwiches using French styled Gourmet Deli Meats that have Flavor and Taste, called Charcuterie and authentic tasty Fresh BakedFrench Baquette Bread as made in France.

The art of crafting an entire Gourmet French Baquette Sandwich for "Mr. Baquette" was taught by many famous French Chefs under intense tutoring and training for many years, in France and then brought to Los Angeles, California, USA.

Mr. Baquette's combination of Tasty Gourmet Deli Meats with Flavor and Authentic Warm Fresh Baked Bread is the "best quality, best Flavor and best Taste" Standard for French Vietnamese Baquette Sandwiches in the greater Los Angeles, California region.

Each and every ingredient has been carefully selected for Quality, Freshness Flavor and Taste. The addition of Vietnamese fresh ingredients have been added for flavor to bring Garden Fresh Tastes to enhance the combination of delicate balance of French styled meats for Flavor and Taste in each Sandwich, wrapped in tasty Warm Freshly Banked Bread for a "Quality Gourmet Sandwich" — Made Fresh for you !

"Mr. Baquette's first Cafe location in the Los Angeles, California area was opened in March 2003, in Rosemead, California. Subsequent store locations were opened in Monterey Park and El Monte due to strong support of customers and demand for its Fresh Vietnamese Mr. Baquette Sandwiches. In 2015 a new Mr. Baquette Café was opened in Westminister, California.

Mr. Baquette Cafe store locations features a French Cafè design to bring the Paris, France French Cafà Atmosphere and "Social Network Culture" of a "Daily Meeting Place" for friends, family, students and associates all enjoying and eating Fresh Gourmet French Vietnamese Baquette Sandwiches, Coffee and specialty Drinks, enjoying the "highest Quality" of Flavors and Taste, wrapped in the "best tasting" Warm Fresh Baked Baquette Bread.

Strong customer demand for the "best Quality" French Vietnamese Baquette Sandwiches and success of "Mr. Baquette" French Cafès have created plans for opening new Mr. Baquette Cafe "Locations" in the greater Los Angeles Southern California region.